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Why soulFull Yoga & Wellness?

Michelle Bourke – Trauma informed mentor, Intuitive, energetic healing, ph 360 health coaching, meditation, women's circles and wellness retreats, vinyasa and yin yoga.

Coffee lover, magic maker, metaphysics geek, soul whisperer, mess maker, heart healer, emotional support crew & cheerleader, truth-teller, sensitive soul, spiritual tour guide, empath, intuitive, creator of community, yogi, pleasure seeker, change-maker & follower of FUN crumbs....


Michelle is wholly captivated by the healing power of love, connection, community and collective. Michelle is committed to inspire others to return to LOVE; To believe that there is another way to live and THRIVE, one that does not rely on disconnection, numbing out, multi tasking, busyness as a status symbol & 50 hour work weeks.


One that can have your heart sing and your soulFULL!

She has a deep love of meditation, yoga and energetic healing.

She is an experienced health coach, Reiki and Seichem Master and has studied post graduate yoga and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) meditation. Michelle loves nothing more than combining these healing modalities to create a bespoke wellness plan to have clients connect with their OWN version of THRIVING HEALTH & WELLNESS.


Her experience with these healing modalities over the past 18 years has allowed her to heal her own battles with chronic pain and fatigue, body dysmorphia, disordered eating and addiction. Healing these has inspired her passion to help women to feel safe to connect to their physical selves, to let go of body shame & judgement and to allow themselves to be present, celebrate and manage their sensitivities and emotions.


Michelle helps her clients balance stress hormones & emotional upset and live a life where they celebrate being messy, juicy, joyous & sparkly.

As well as one-on-one sessions, Michelle regularly hosts women’s wellness retreats and circle gatherings.

Michelle’s yoga classes combine a focus on science, anatomy and intuition to leave you feeling more energised and connected.


Michelle loves sharing these transformative practices with others. Participants in her yoga classes will re-connect with their soulful side while mindfully moving in a way that increases vitality. Her classes create a safe space for participants to accept and ultimately, love who they are (warts, wobbles, bad moods, insecurities and all!) 


Whether you’re curvy, skinny, bendy or stiff as a board, a chick with muscles or overworked parent, come along to nourish your soul, move your body and reconnect with how amazing you are. Michelle's classes are suitable for all-levels whether you're a newbie or you've been practicing for years. She offers a sacred, safe space where you feel comfortable to come exactly as you are.  (Yoga and meditation doesn’t care what your hair looks like!)


Along with her love of yoga, Michelle is passionate about Reiki and Seichem.

These beautiful, subtle energetic healing practices increase mental clarity, and reduce stress, anxiety and pain (just for starters!). The combination of Reiki and Seichem work together to heal emotional, mental & spiritual blocks to increase your ability to manifest a life that you love, abundant energy and feel that you are back in your flow. (Bring on the ZEN monk like calm and serenity...)



Michelle's Studies

•Reiki level I, II & Master: Seichim I & Master (2001)

•Ph360 Health Coach Training (2018)

•Level 2 MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher Training, Australian Yoga Academy (2017)

•Post Grad Yoga Teacher Training, Ihana Yoga (2016)

•Meditation Teacher Training, Australian Yoga Academy (2016)

•Advanced Diploma, Australian Yoga Academy (2013-2015)

•Yoga Teacher Training, International School of Yoga & Metaphysics (2001)

•Diploma of Life Coaching, The Coaching Institute.  

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