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Michelle helps me immediately calm my mind and come back into my body, with simple and easy to follow breathing and meditation techniques I can draw on whenever I need.


- Lisa J

I live in Dubai and work as a lawyer. It can be very busy and stressful working with clients based in the Middle East, Europe and Asia working across different time zones and also balancing work/family life commitments.

I first started working with Michelle about 6 months ago and have never looked back. Michelle's strategies have allowed me to refocus, release stress and be more productive. I also find that the quality of my sleep has vastly improved as well.

I would highly recommend Michelle.


- Chris B.

Meditating with Michelle is a beautiful reminder that meditation can be simple and is easily accessible with the right guidance. With her loving and soothing voice, she creates a space that allows you to let go of the day and effortlessly drop into the serenity and healing magic of her meditations. And you won’t go home empty handed either- Michelle showers her courses with practical tips to maintain a healthy practice and the confidence to incorporate these skills in your everyday life!


- Victoria F

"Her voice immediately made me feel safe and guided me into a deep state of relaxation I’d never felt before." 

I had given up on finding a quiet space in my mind until I was invited to join Michelle’s meditation group and her voice immediately made me feel safe and guided into a deep state of relaxation I’d never felt before. Michelle’s guided sessions are deeply intuitive to the groups needs and invite us to bring compassion to our practice, never cursing the mind for wandering but embracing the opportunity to return to the breath. After a session with Michelle, I feel grounded, connected and balanced. I don’t know what I’d do without that lifeline now.


- Lauren W

Life changing... Healing, support & guidance for body, mind & soul...


Michelle Bourke is following her true path as a divine healer. I have known Michelle for more than two decades and she has always been a trustworthy, kind and generous soul who has a great empathy for those around her.  She has been channeling her profound love of people into her work as a Reiki Master, health coach and yoga instructor for 15+years. I’ll be honest, I never understood the healing power of Reiki until I had my first session with Michelle recently after my long term relationship ended. My session with Michelle was a life-changing experience which strengthened my emotional well-being and helped to mend my broken heart. I wholeheartedly recommend Michelle to anyone who needs healing, support and guidance for their body, mind and soul.

- Simon B.

Work through challenges and change behaviours and patterns...


I approached Michelle at Soulful Wellness because I felt stuck, frustrated and unable to move forward. I have worked with coaches, naturopaths and other healers previously but there was still a gap that I wasn’t able to break through. 


Michelle helped me with her direct, but gentle and nurturing approach to support me to find clarity and take aligned action. Michelle dives deep to help you consciously work through challenges and change behaviours and patterns, but she also offers healing at an unconscious, emotional level to help shift blocks and ensure an holistic approach.


- Lisa J

Gain clarity, peace & recharge your batteries...


I'm a Reiki Master myself, and Michelle is who I see for Reiki. She is so gifted with intuition and insight, she always helps me understand myself so well, as well as giving me take home practices to continue to improve my energy once I leave.

Her soft and gentle approach is so loving, and it really allows for you to drop into the state of receiving. In such a busy world when we have so much to get done, one session with Michelle and I am super charged and can achieve so much more.

I gain clarity, peace, and my batteries get recharged.

There is no one I trust more than Michelle.

- Erin K

Working with Michelle changed everything for me.


Michelle is one of the most beautiful women and healers I know. Working with Michelle changed EVERYTHING for me. Her unique ability to support you on all levels (mind, body, spirit, soul) creates space for deep transformation while always feeling safe, supported and  held at all times. After one session with Michelle I experienced a significant shift in my life, breaking free from chronic illness and returning once again to myself. I am so grateful our paths crossed.

 - Anastasia T

Feel seen, held, loved and accepted...


A retreat with Michelle from SoulFull Wellness, is an absolute gift. I was a guest at her last weekend retreat which was so divinely created and filled with loving support and strategies to move me forward in my journey. Starting on the Friday night and finishing up on the Sunday was the perfect amount of time to feel fully refreshed without taking too much time out of my schedule and I came away feeling more connected, enriched and relaxed than I'd felt in a long time. My cup was filled with reiki, yoga, meditation, soulful food and beautiful light filled conversations with like-minded women... a winning combination for anyone! Thank you Michelle for your gift of supporting others in their journey, and your ability to hold space and create an environment in which we all feel seen, held, loved and accepted. I'm so excited to be a part of the next retreat, and the next one and the next one!!

- Victoria F

Truly, I was blown away by the outcome for me and all the other guests at the retreat that I attended with Michelle, Victoria and Anastasia. It was a nourishing, activating and deeply healing weekend that in hindsight was absolutely necessary! Each of these gorgeous women brought their unique offerings and wisdom to the space and it was such a wonderful gift for me to give myself. Thank you angels! Xxx  


- Donna W

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