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Reiki &  Seichem

These   two energetic

healing modalities

work synergistically

to boost

intuition, release emotional blocks and support healing (mental, emotional, physical & spiritual). You will also experience a deeper connection to self & purpose, an increased ability to be present, manage stress + overwhelm, and enjoy life.

What          is

Reiki / 


Deeply nourishing, life changing, and bringing you into a profound state of relaxation - these are some ways in which Michelle’s clients describe her practice.

Connecting to the Universal Energy with Reiki & Seichem allows you to experience

deep healing and transformation. These sessions create an experience of safety in the nervous system, providing the portal to release stuck + stagnant emotions, trauma, limited beliefs and ideas. In doing so, we open up the possibility for new behaviours, perceptions, intuition and ideas to be created.


How can

Reiki & Seichem

help me?

These sessions work to safely and effectively release emotional blocks, stress, fear, overwhelm and rebalance your nervous system.

Supported by the energies of the four elements, a Reiki Seichem session with Michelle reconnects you to your deepest self and sense of; inner peace + calm, boosts your intuition, releases emotional blocks + trauma as well as supporting mental, emotional, physical + spiritual healing.


Reiki & Seichem will support your journey to release trauma and stuck survival stress safely - without re-traumatising your system so that you experience more energy, improved health, greater ease, emotional stability and capacity.

What stressors does Reiki & Seichem   help ease?

+ Anxiety

+ Depression

+ Physical pain

+ Insomnia

+ Stress related illness and upset

+ Overwhelm

+ Fatigue / low energy

+ Greater focus
+ Increased wellbeing and vitality
+ Improved intuition

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