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Women's Circles



healing power          of

sitting in


exploring ritual and providing space to strengthen your connection to women. This is a place to get comfortable being vulnerable. Experience the transformation that is possible when you are seen, heard and understood by a community of women in trust.

What          are



Michelle’s Women’s Circles provide a nourishing space for you to heal sister wounds and experience ancestral healing. Encounter a safe and structured container for you to be vulnerable:

    + Boost connection and find a greater 

        sense of community

    + Find your voice and speak your truth as

        we ponder and share on a chosen topic          each gathering.


      + Create sacred moments and experience

          devotion and ceremony that you can 

          bring into your day to day

     + Enjoy guided meditation and group

         energetic healing

Experience this ancient practice of women gathering together to create community. 


How can

Women's Circles

help me?

As we gather together in circle, we explore and discuss a potent wisdom question. Each woman is encouraged to find their own truth and to share it with the    group of women without advice or solutions being offered.

It is an intentional space where women can realise how often they temper conversations to suit others, and instead experience a space where they are encouraged to speak without being interrupted, coached or offered unasked for opinions and solutions. These gatherings  welcome all parts of you as you explore new ideas and ways to create intimacy by being real, raw, vulnerable and messy . We are ushering in a new way of communicating by curating agreements to avoid venting or dumping; instead allowing the focus to be on witnessing our sisters’ shared perspective and experience the beauty and permission to listen even more deeply without needing to fix, change or offer support, guidance or shared experience.

+ Fall in love with your life

+ Experience community

+ Believe in sisterhood

+ Eat chocolate


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