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 Soul  sessions

to  make  your   soul Full.

Michelle is a body positivity advocate and true believer in being yourself -

the messy, human, full bodied version.

Michelle (Mish to her friends) is passionate about supporting clients to release trauma, stuck & stored survival stress & emotions. Her sessions regulate the nervous system & increase wellness & vitality.  Michelle's work  is energetic, intuitive and well regarded. Together you'll create healthy boundaries, reconnect with an experience of safety  & live an embodied life. She wants you to fall in love with your life and achieve your best version of health.


Spinal Energetics

SE combines Eastern and Western modalities of wellbeing. The practice interacts with a person’s spine, nervous system and energetic field to harness a person’s innate wisdom to know and heal themselves. 


These two energetic healing modalities work synergistically to boost intuition, release emotional blocks and support healing (mental, emotional, physical & spiritual). You will also experience a deeper connection to self.

Women's Circles

Discover the healing power of sitting in Circle, exploring ritual and providing space to strengthen your connection to women. Heal sister wounds, create a greater experience of intimacy and flow. Explore a new way to interact with life. This is a place to get comfortable being vulnerable, finding your voice and sharing your truth in a safe container.

Experience the transformation that is possible when you are seen, heard and understood by a community of women in trust. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the next gathering is. 


Make a  Booking

If you're ready to experience real lasting change, click below to book a session. 


"Sitting in Circle with Mish & Victoria provides me with a safety net, a space where I can allow myself to let go, process & heal, knowing that I am held in deep respect, compassion & sisterhood."  - L.W.
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