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Living my best Bali life in Melbourne.

Every now & then when life feels a little busy, if my self care has become a little lax, my daily practice a little wobbly or the weather a little chilly, I find myself planning to run away to Bali. In recent weeks I decided to explore what it was that had me most craving time in Bali...

Daily yoga & meditation

Soul food

Connection with like minded souls


Sleep ins

As I considered what it really was my soul was craving I realised if I let go of how I thought things needed to look I could access all of these at any moment in Melbourne.

Hooray! This week I have enjoyed sleeping in, twice daily meditations, Bhakti (chanting) coffee with soul sisters, playing in the park & strolls with my pooch, yoga, cacao and new connections.

Yay to living your best life anywhere‼️

I’d love to know what daily habits and practices your best life includes. 🌳☀️🧘🏼‍♀️

Reach out if you’d like some support to find your sparkle, purpose and passion for life!



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