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Safety & Boundaries

I love holding space for those who want to go deep. Those with curious hearts. Those who want to expand their edges and believe that there is more possible. Those who are courageous enough to be vulnerable to allow themselves to be seen and held in their truth. In their human, with all of it’s mess and vulnerability.

Those that yearn for truth and pleasure, passion and catharsis. Those that seek healing and expansion.

My Scorpio self desires this depth in all of the spaces I occupy and in each of my relationships. Today I was gifted the space to go deep into my own healing and to experience a homecoming to a part of me that had been disowned for years. I was gifted the opportunity to create a safe space for a dear sister to explore sensation and submission and this same space was then offered to me. The sense of healing was profound. And it was only possible because I felt safe to be seen and held by these women.

For so many of my years life felt unsafe. Early life trauma had rattled my nervous system and had resulted in my being hyper vigilant all the time. The past 14 months have been spent deep in my own process - learning about trauma and living my own experience of how unexpressed trauma shows up physically, mentally & emotionally. Releasing the residual trauma through somatic, energetic and emotional healing practices. Most importantly, being guided to create my own internal experience of safety. All of which allowed me to show up today in a position to hold space, but also be held. To notice how easily I command the role of space holder & healer, witness & guide, but also how beautiful it is to allow myself to be truly vulnerable when I trust in my own boundaries, discernment and intuition as much as I trust those holding space for me. Only then can we truly open to the healing of full receiving.

Safety & boundaries may not be the sexiest of conversation topics, but they’re vital for any deep healing and transformation.

Questions I love to ask clients to ponder... Where do you find your safety? How do you hold loving boundaries? What is your relationship to receiving and being nurtured? I’d love to hear your own pondering. Feel free to comment below or DM.

To my beloved Erin K & the soul sisters that were witness to my own healing today.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you 🙏🏼✨.


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